It is not about gender, it’s about dignity

“You are a girl. you should have reach home on time. She was dressed in such a way hence she was raped. She has a lot of male guys hence it has to be done one day”

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I am sure these sentences are no new for you as our society has normalized these trends. Crimes against women are happening at alarming rates now and then.

A woman named Soma Sara has taken the initiative of raising the voice against ‘THE RAPE CULTURE’ She has created a website which is UK based and gaining worldwide attention named, ‘Everyone’s invited’ She thinks every girl has an untold story about their struggle and sufferings and here she is giving a platform to share their experiences while being anonymous and to open the eyes of the system claiming to create a better and safe place for women.

A lot of volunteers came forward and shared their testimonies about how are they being abused sexually even during their teenage. They were harassed and insulted and this is the “RAPE CULTURE”

This website gained popularity and when these testimonies when reached the authorities, they were startled about what’s happening in schools and higher authorities and due to various protests and people’s agony decided to do something in this regard.

The problem lies around the sacraments one acquires throughout his life. In our society, there is a gap between girls and boys which is hard to unite. no matter how advanced the country is in advancement in technology but still it lacks advancement in thoughts. women are thought of as exciting objects to be displayed. they say about gender equality and try to pretend that today a man is equal to a woman but practically it is not so. If this was true then no girl is treated to live inferior as she grows up. she is being told to be aware of the people outside. Her family members are way too possessive of her than their son. she is being told to come back home early before dawn, unlike boys. she is not allowed for travelling alone due to the fear of evil practices outside. and then ironically, they claim about gender equality.

No doubt that in this generation girls or women are more privileged than before.

  • The thinking of the parents is changing worldwide that to educate their daughter in the same way as to their son.
  • Now women participate in political activities and become a part of them. Even they make policies relating to the welfare of the country as a leader.
  • As they are educated hence they are more aware of being independent economically as well as mentally.
  • Now they tend to make their identity and do not want to be dependent upon someone.
  • the government also running various programs like Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao for encouraging girl-child.

Despite all, the word gender equality is still progressing but at a slower rate. When there would be no gender blaming, no rape, no violence against women, then only it could be said that there is gender equality.

Sadly, there is not even a single country that can claim gender equality.

men are often offended by the word feminism, as it is believed synonym with men’s hatred. but in practicality, it is about the welfare of both sexes because both sexes are interrelated and should carry forward with each other’s support.


When you’re blessed with a girl child then rather than teaching a girl how should she behave and live with the social norms, you should also teach your boy, how could these orthodox society norms be changed so that a world could be created where no being will suffer.

A world that is claimed gender-neutral is merely a theory in my opinion. Since the birth of your child make sure how you treat your boy or girl, and yes take care of your boy especially because he should know how to make difference and a better world for women.

Be open to your child

The thing every parent is concerned about is whether their children are telling truth to them. They wanted to know everything which is happening in their child’s life and when it comes to the solution of any problem, their solutions end up being as old as their young time was. Hence there is a need to understand things in a broader aspect. Time has changed so as the people and their ways to deal with the situation. In the world, claiming boys and girls to be equal, ironically a family is forbidding their girl to stand outside because there may be boys who can do a dozen of tricks on her, according to her parents.

Make a bridge across the age gap

Bridge is when your ideas and beliefs defy one’s ideas as you recognize them as inappropriate. Yes, they may seem wrong to one but at the same time, they may be correct for someone else. If the gap between the thinking is made, your child would not fear in telling you, what really happened. They would not feel hesitant to tell you about anything. For an instance, a girl is teased by a boy and she realizes that she should tell her family and she did so, and in response, the family members are now showing concerns that are unnecessary and are somewhat over. In this situation, her independence would be at stake and she would feel being caught up with worrisome consequences.

This is such a topic that always pops up later or now. It is not about a girl or a boy, this is about an individual’s dignity. There is a need for awareness, a need to teach how human beings are different from animals. We cannot do anything to the outside world but we can surely do something inside, inside our homes and our minds. Goodness could be started from a single individual, from a single-family.

No one wants to be caught up or experience less liberation than the opposite gender. When there lies a limitation, there will be a revolution.

If she is a girl, she probably is restrained,

Being anonymous of, what potential she sustains.

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